“Christie Gaynor is one of my primary contacts at Bennett Gaynor/Sustainable Staffing. She is highly respected and instrumental in assisting candidates to find employment. I have always found Christie to be consistent and pleasant in supporting me during my career searches. I am always confident that she will deliver great job opportunities and I appreciate her diligent and quality service. As a result, I am delighted to recommend Christie Gaynor to all.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

April 29, 2010 – hired Christie as a Recruiter in 2007


“Peter had a great impact on my career when he placed me with the National Kidney Foundation as their Field Development Director. After a thorough interview process, he gave me the proper direction to accept an ever greater challenge. He was professional, positive and successful all along the way and I look forward to working with him again soon.”

Jason , Field Development Officer, West Coast Region, National Kidney Foundation

October 29, 2009


“I have worked with Peter both as a client and a candidate. In both circumstances, he was always professional, knowledgeable and timely with results.

As a client, he recruited top quality people that are still doing well for the company for which we hired them. He truly understood the type of candidate that would be a good fit for our organization. If it ever turned out that a candidate wasn’t a good fit for whatever reason, he immediately sought to find a more compatible candidate.

On the candidate side, Peter did a thorough investigation on what type of position I was looking for, delving into my talents and skills. Despite the fact that we had been working together for a few years by then, he wasn’t taking anything for granted in regard to making sure he knew me as a candidate so he could find the best possible fit for both me and my new company. Even after I relocated out of state, he still worked to find something for me.

I have great respect for Peter on both a professional and personal level, and highly recommend him and his company.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Lorraine  March 5, 2009
hired Peter as a Recruiter in 2002, and hired Peter more than once.

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“Thank you, Christie!

I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am by your agency.  You, Peter, and Tamira are incredible, and I am so lucky to have found you!  (I am buying Kat many meals to say thank you for directing me to you!)  =)

I will continue to work hard and make you proud!  =)
Happy New Year

– Stacey



I had a job interview today. The HR manager told me that she contacted me because my resume was so well written. It’s all because of you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with my resume. I so greatly appreciate it.

Thank you”

– Yamaira


“Dear Christie,

Thank you so much for your fantastic and awesome work.  You are amazing (the best) and I have learned so much from you through this process.  I am very lucky to have you and Peter – such a great team!”

With much admiration and gratitude”



“Peter and Christie,

Thank you.  Regardless of the outcome, it was a great pleasure working with you.  From my experience, your firm represented the best-of-breed for headhunters, especially in regards to tactics, communication, and thoroughness.

Please do keep in touch and me in mind for any other opportunities.  I’ll make sure to let you know should my situation change or if I decide to take the position in Korea.”

Thanks and all the best