Interview Tips

  1. Always do your homework on the company, i.e.: company website, LinkedIn, Google searches.
  2. Have directions and get to the interview at least 15 min early.  Make sufficient time to navigate parking and sometimes going through security.
  3. Have your interview suit ready the night before!
  4. Bring at least 2 copies of your resume.
  5. Upon arrival, head to the restroom first to make sure you are 100% polished and presentable.
  6. When filling out the application, be consistent with what’s on your resume and complete the entire application!
  7. Be patient while waiting in the lobby/reception area; you never know who is evaluating you!
  8. Upon initial contact with the company representative/interviewer, SMILE, have a nice firm handshake. REMEMBER, FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT; you only get one chance to make a good solid first impression, so get it right!
  9. Also, it only takes about 5 seconds for someone to “SIZE” you up!
  10. Be honest, sincere and have GOOD EYE CONTACT throughout your interview and be yourself.
  11. Explain things in detail, no one word answers and give relevant EXAMPLES!
  12. Never discuss $$$ or benefits, unless it is brought up.
  14. Never talk negatively about a prior position or boss, or discuss “hot button” topics!
  15. Get everyone’s business cards with whom you met and send out thank you notes by email within 24hrs of your interview.
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