“I’ve signed up for more agencies than I can count and heard back from none of them until I got to BGSS. The day I went in to see them they found an opportunity for me and set up an interview FOR THAT DAY. It’s all about timing, as they say, but the BGSS staff are good. Very good. They helped me throughout the entire interview process, getting me opportunity after opportunity as the first job fell through. I ended up getting the job in the fashion/tech industry (which is a rare opportunity). They carefully looked at my resume and tried their hardest to match my experience and they cheered me on the whole way. I was amazed at their professionalism, attention to detail, and sense of humor, and I felt very taken care of in what’s usually a long and frustrating job hunt process.

You can’t go wrong calling their office, which has a very warm and congenial atmosphere (next door to some nuns. Random fact for ya).

Thanks so much Sara, Christie, Peter, and Marissa.”

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