“I cannot recommend this agency enough. As most people already know, the hardest job you’ll ever have is looking for a job. The staff at Bennett Gaynor do it for you! If you’re starting to lose motivation, looking for a career change, or don’t really know where to start, contact them asap. Peter has helped me tremendously in my job search, and has been a great motivator throughout the whole process. Though I’ve mainly dealt with him, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the rest of the staff- Christie, Sara, and Marissa, and all I can say is I wish i could work with them everyday. They don’t just take your resume and keep it on file. Peter took the time to interview me, asking me detailed questions to understand who I am, what I’m good at, and what exactly I’m looking for in a job. He’s tweaked my resume, helped me prep for interviews, and advised me every step of the way. He has stayed in contact with me since the day I met him and has remained committed to my job search. I know I’ll always stay in contact with the staff at Bennett Gaynor and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for work!”

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