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Fifty-five percent of Americans now say that they have “no preference” about their manager’s gender, according to a new survey.

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What men want

Gallup found that among men, just 19% currently prefer a male supervisor, 13% would rather have a female supervisor, and 68% don’t mind either way.

Back in 1953, a full 75% of men preferred to have a male manager, only 2% wanted a female one, and 21% didn’t have a preference.

What women want

Gallup found that 28% of women currently want a female boss, 27% want a male boss, and 44% don’t mind either way.

Counterintuitively, perhaps, women report a greater preference for male bosses than men do; only 19% of men prefer a male boss. Men are also far more likely to be agnostic on the question than women, with 68% reporting “no preference,” compared to 44% of women.

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